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Welcome to Geek Heretic

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Welcome to Geek Heretic.

I am 38 years old, and I am a Geek.  Not the circus performing freaks who insert things into their noses and swallow more bugs then your average Fear Factor contestant.  I mean Geek in the term of Programmer, Gadget Fan, Science Fiction, Comic Book, Computer Gaming and RPG fan.  To illustrate my point, our family vacation for the last 3 years has been a trip to Gen Con Indy.  This year’s plans include a trip to Otakucon.

Yes Geek with a capital G thank you very much. 

What qualifies me to talk about programming and corporate development?

I built my first kit computer at 13, a Sinclair ZX81.  Since then, I have been a grunt programmer, coding monkey, admin, consultant, team leader, architect, subject matter expert, goto guy, that weird dude with the pony tail, that psycho looking dude with the crew cut, mentor, security expert, and general problem solver for 18 years.  I have seen projects get cancelled due to death, lack of money, and in one particularly memorable case, pornography. I have spoken at industry conferences, but haven’t put pen to paper until now. 

What qualifies me to talk about Geek life?

I have been reading Science Fiction and Fantasy since I was 8, Role playing since I was 13 and playing video games ever since there were video games to play.  I was watching Anime when you needed to translate it your self and most folks called it “Japanimation”.  I’ve logged more hours in Everquest and other MMORPG’s then I would ever wish to total.    I also know that it takes 6 18” latex balloons to give a Krispy Kreme Donut neutral buoyancy and allow it to float at chest height around an office.

            Are those enough qualifications for ya spanky?


OK so you’re a Geek what makes you a Heretic?

You will need to read my posts and decide for yourselves.  For a few quick examples: Unlike most fans, I think Star Trek is an embarrassing example of SF.  Unlike most of Corporate Development, I believe that if you don’t have the interests of your business community first and foremost in your mind, you are not doing your job.  I think a good architecture is nice, but delivering a working product quicker is better then a gothic architecture that is designed to work for years.  Honestly, any architecture that is designed to last for more then 3 years, is going to be scrapped long before those 3 years have passed.

So come back soon, and feel free to vent in comments.