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I'm not a big book review person, honestly because I believe books (and movies) are such a subjective choice, that a reviewers opinion is rarely pertinent.  At best you can try to find a reviewer who has reviewed several works you have read already and try to mesh up his opinions with yours.

That being said, What I want to write about is the tragedy of the book Reliquary by Preston and Child.  This book is 11 years old, but it stands out as being one of the best reads I have had in a while.  It is the sequel to the novel Relic, and while I enjoyed Relic, this book blows it out of the water.  Here is the science based mystery and suspense of Jurassic park, with the nerve biting action of Aliens.  

It is a tragedy because this book should be made into a movie, and probably never will.  You see Hollywood got its hands on the prequel work and butchered it, into a low brow, average monster movie.  They moved the novel out of the NY Museum of Natural History, into Chicago (which is a shame, because a large portion of the suspense came from the sheer vast maze of the NYMNH), and turned it into a stock monster flick with little originality.   FBI Agent Pendergast, who ties this novel into quite a few others, and Bill Smithback- future NY Post Reporter, are excised completely.

Reliquary is to Relic, like Aliens is to Alien.  Much faster paced, more action, and vaster scale.  It moves the action from NYMNH to the vast train and sewer tunnel network under Manhattan.   The action is nonstop and has been causing me to be short on sleep for the last few nights.  

Read the book Relic just to setup Reliquary, and read the later, when you can afford to miss the sleep.