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The politics of Spore...


Spore is probably the most anticipated video game of all time. Will Wright, creator of the Sims has been dropping tantalizing hints at the last few E3s and the public as a whole has been drooling over those hints all along. Truly no game idea prior to this has had such a grand vision as its premise. You literally need to evolve your single cell life form to sentience and then build the technology to reach the stars.

As I sit down with my 5 year old and start working our single cell organism ("Cutie - Florescent pink and purple which HATES to eat vegetables") through the stages of evolution, she starts quizzing me on evolution. Since she recently started Sunday school as well, this conversation is peppered with references to God. To her eyes, the idea that evolution works best when guided by God's hand seems to be natural and perfectly acceptable and certainly from the point of view of the game, Intelligent Design is treated as a given.

This is calm acceptance makes me wonder why the debate over Intelligent Design vs Darwinian evolution rages so heatedly in the press and politics. In fact the website Evolution News seems to reach a similar view. Will Wright has acknowledged the ID aspects of the game, but as he puts it, pure evolution would not be interactive or much fun.

Of course my daughter's calm acceptance of God manipulating evolution puts her in a position which is not liked by any of the participants in the debate. Even though the line is blurred between creationism and ID, ID is far from your Sunday schools creation theory - I am sure I will be getting a call from her teacher any day now. On the other side of the aisle ID is viewed with calm dismissal as the Flying Spaghetti Monster theory and not debated even slightly. Thats disappointing. If you are not willing to openly debate the merits of both sides of the argument you don't truly have an open mind.

In the meantime, Cutie is has evolved several interesting defense mechanisms, and is ready to take her first cautious steps our of the tide pools of the primordial sea.