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How to Win an Election

Do you want to win the presidential election?  Here's the simplest way.

Currently the bottom 50% of the tax base pay only 3.6% of the total tax revenue (source). 50% of the Tax base is far more then the needed number of votes to win an election. Even if a good size fraction do not vote. So Stop taxing them.  Put forth a plan which states if you are in the bottom 50% of the tax base by gross income, you do not pay income tax period.  I would love to see the congress which does not pass this bill.   The language should be simple, and the total verbage of the bill should be less then a page.  Make the bill short enough to fit on 1 page, and you have your campaign poster.

The next program is restructure the bailout bill to offer federally funded fix rate loans to small to mid-size business if they pass a rigorous examination of the books.  Do this for a short period of time until the commercial credit industry resumes normal operation.  Do not support Credit Default Swaps or other large scale fiscally complex instruments, just offer simple loans to stimulate the economy at the ground floor. Sell these loans to commercial banks after a period indicating good payment history, if possible and get out of the way while capitalism does the rest.