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Come to New Hampshire We Still Have Merry Go Rounds - Porc Fest 2009

Just returned from the Free State Project's Porcupine Liberty Festival 2009. This was a 4 day event where liberty minded families and friends gather in the White Mountain Region of New Hampshire. All I can say is it was amazingly fun. Unlike the Liberty Forum, Porc Fest is much more relaxed and socially oriented.

The Free Stater's as usual put on an outstanding event, and this time Angela was not the only kid in the crowd. Packs of well behaved but very happy, very smart kids wandered the camp. Families abounded and kept an eye on the kids as a whole. The dynamics were interesting, there was an extended family feel to the whole thing.

There were seminars about liberty oriented topics and the highlight event was Soap Box Idol where everyone had a chance to do a 3 minute rant and be judged. The best part of the fest was the social aspect. You could walk around and talk with folks without them looking for your tin foil hat.

The scenery surrounding Rogers Campground was drop dead gorgeous. We were surrounded by mountains on every side. The first night we were their a fierce electrical storm rolled in and the lightning danced from peak to peak.

The playground at Rogers still has merry go rounds. Now that may seem like a silly thing, but I remembered loving them as a kid and they have been removed from every playground I have seen in New York. After watching the kids play on it, you could see why. Small children were being tossed around like rodeo clowns. Scraped knees and elbows abounded, but not one of them minded they were having too much fun. A little bump and bruise wont kill them, and learning to deal with a smidgen of pain for boatload of fun is a lesson in itself.

I highly recommend this event, next years is scheduled for June 24th - 27th, 2010.