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There seems to be two kinds of movies about fandom. Those that look, usually with a mocking tone, from the outside and those that are made by fans for fans. Fanboys is a movie which falls squarely in the latter category.

Cast your mind back to the late 1990s. This was a great time to be a Star Wars Fan. Lucas had just rereleased all the movies with better effects and sound. A whole new generation of fans were introduced to the movies in the theaters for the first time, and the stain that is Jar Jar had not tainted the series yet. Fanboys takes us back to that time. Four friends traveling across the country to steal a copy of Phantom Menace so that they can see it before one of their number passes away due to a fatal illness.

Despite this heavy premise, there is lots of camp in this movie. Crazy scenes from being forced to perform in a strip club to the disruption of any Star Trek fans they can find. Cameos make the movie even more fun - Harry Knowles (from Aint it Cool News), Jay and Silent Bob, William Shatner and more.

It is at its core a movie which understands the affection fans have for Star Wars. Kristen Bell nails the part of Zoe. When she bends over to talk to R2D2 it is powerfully moving. To these fans, Skywalker Ranch is a Holy Place and the cast conveys that very well.

The movie has gotten its fair share of less than stellar reviews. Then again, when Star Wars first came out it did as well. Fanboys is worth a watch for any Star Wars fan.