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EPA - Anti AGW report suppressed

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Sorry to interrupt the 24/7 coverage of MJ's Death. I realize how important that event is to us all....

During the cap and trade, aka please send all of your money to Al "Carbon Offset" Gore, debate Representative Joe Barton had this to say

"The science is not there to back it up," Barton said. "An EPA report
that has been suppressed...raises grave doubts about the endangerment
finding. If you don't have an endangerment finding, you don't need this
bill. We don't need this bill. And for some reason, the EPA saw fit not
to include that in its decision."

Now CNet and others are linking to a suppressed EPA report which casts doubt on the human influence on climate change. To quote page iv of the executive summary....

There appears to be a strong association between solar sunspots/irradiance and global temperature fluctuations.

Alan Carlin the primary author of the report is a Cal Tech doctorate who has specialized in environment and public policy issues since 1964. He was told

"The administrator and the administration has decided to move
forward...and your comments do not help the legal or policy case for
this decision."

Pro AGW website smears this report comparing the author to Theodor Landscheidt an astrologer who believes the rise of Hitler and Stalin were due to cosmic cycles. No comment could be found on this site about the new paper published in the peer reviewed Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics which concluded.

Intensities of disturbances vary by factors in excess of 2, underlining
a role for the Sun as a significant forcing factor of European
atmospheric variations.

Or in short its the Sun Stupid....

Call your senator, don't let this crazy bill get passed by a bunch of legislators who can't even be bothered to read it.