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Kindle's Next Market - Comics

The Amazon Kindle has single handedly put ebooks back on the map. There were some early pioneers like Baen publishing which always believed, but other than a few hard core techies like myself, few folks wanted ebooks.

Kindle DX's larger form factor means I can finally replace that wall of computer books, with a sleek reader which takes no room at all. What it also means is Kindle would now become a great comic reader.

Kindle already has a built in web browser, Marvel and DC both offer digital versions of their comics, the two would be a fantastic combination. Offering a full page comic with no associated cost to print. The lack of color might dissuade some, but the convenience, along with automatic synchronization and delivery more than make up for it.

This would change the economics of comics for the better, and boost kindle sales even further. A winning combination all around.