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Russian's Order Extreme Caution on Flights near and around Africa

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Russian air force commanders have issued warnings and cautions to all flights around the African tectonic plate. Blaming the downing of Flight 447 and the recent Yemeni airways flight on Geomagnetic storms emanating from this plate.
This was reported by the news source MINA. Which also mentions previous reports about a new ocean forming in Ethopia (reported in
Of course the article then goes on to have this choice tidbit

Though Western scientist assert that the formation of this new ocean is
not likely to be finished for millions of years, Russian scientists
state, unequivocally, that due to the Suns current unprecedented Deep
Solar Minimum, our Earth is in danger of being, literally, “ripped
apart”, at the worst, or nearing a “total pole reversal” due to an as
yet unexplained, but extremely powerful, gravitational force emanating
from the outer reaches of our Solar System that some researchers state
is the mysterious Planet X, and which many believe to be a large brown
dwarf and known to the ancient peoples of Earth as Nibiru, and called
by the name of Wormwood in the Christian Bible.

Which of course shifts the whole slant of the article towards tinfoil hat land.