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Operation Falcon Nabs 35,190.

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Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally (FALCON) just finished its annual sweep across the nation.

Nationwide, the operation arrested 433 persons wanted for murder, 900 gang members and 2,356 sex offenders. The U.S. Marshals Service, partnering with federal, state and local law enforcement, arrested 35,190 fugitives (source)

This statistic does make you wonder what the other 31,000 or so have done. Also I wonder how many will be turned back onto the streets as California and other bankrupt states start issuing early parole to save money.

I have to say that operation Falcon is one of those debatable points in the liberty movement. Most sites will denounce the nationwide coordinated effort between feds and state law officials as preliminary exercises in the transition to a police state.

Personally I think any operation which pulls violent criminals off the street is not a bad thing. My opinion will change of course when they start nabbing political dissenters and tea party members, but for the time being what compelling case can you make to argue against this?