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In Lancaster, CA Big Brother Really is Watching

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Lancaster CA will be the first city in the nation to deploy military grade constant ariel surveillance to monitor its citizens in the hopes of preventing crime. The human piloted system will be using high def video cameras including thermal to scan for incidents of interest.

"You never know when you are being watched or followed. It would be
stupid to commit a crime. You see it with such detail," said Mayor R.
Rex Parris, who took a ride last week in a camera-equipped airplane
with pilot Dick Rutan."

The city officials on the whole are very optimistic about this system improving the quality of life. No average citizens of Lancaster were interviewed for the article which appeared in the Antelope Valley Press on July 9, 2009.

On the whole I would expect that a citizenry who for the large part ignored warrant-less wire taps, email monitoring and the Kelo decision will bend over and embrace this next step in the nanny state as well.