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John Yoo - Left holding the bag.

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You may remember Mr Yoo as the DOJ attorney who wrote the brief which stated enhanced interrogation techniques were not torture. Well now CNN and others are reporting that a new report has been issued at congresses behest indicating that Mr. Yoo was also the attorney who wrote the brief which stated warrant-less wire tapping was A OK as well.

Per the wiki write up about Yoo his wiretap brief skirted the fourth amendment by stating the following.

"Our office recently concluded that the Fourth Amendment had no application to domestic military operations."

Apparently Mr Yoo was the source of all evil according to the IG report since

The report says Yoo largely circumvented both his boss, Assistant
Attorney General Jay Bybee, and Attorney General John Ashcroft.

So don't blame John Ashcroft. Of course this ignores the existing NSA tapping such as ECHELON or the Carnivore (DSC1000) software which came to light in the late 90's.

I think it is ridiculous that Yoo is holding the bag for the Bush administration's trampling of Civil rights. If Ashcroft and other DOJ officials were truly out of the loop, they were incompetent.