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Weekly AGW Watch and Some Recommended Reading

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Senate Dems are scrambling to secure a filibuster proof majority despite having a 60 vote majority. Most seem to think that the bill will still be shot down. Meanwhile the true cost of the cap and trade program is increasingly being written about in main stream news. Worth quoting is:

When the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office analyzed the cost of reducing carbon emissions by 15 percent below 2005 levels, it estimated a family’s cost of living would increase by $1,600 a year. “To put that $1,600 carbon tax in perspective, a typical family of four with earnings of $50,000 now pays an income tax of about $3,000,” Feldstein wrote recently in the Weekly Standard. “The tax imposed by the cap-and-trade system is therefore equivalent to raising the family’s income tax by about 50 percent.” That’s $1,600 that families won’t be able to spend or invest in the economy.

The article then goes on to discuss the secondary ripples through the economy which will kill jobs.

Recommended Reading: On the European Front Chris Brooker has a great column in the London Telegraph which discusses the increasing counter consensus against AGW and global warming.

Dr Roy Spencer in the meantime has gotten 32000 scientists to sign this petition.

The truly sad part of Dr Spencer's campaign is the reaction of the Daily KOS and other lefty blogs which picks apart Dr Spencer's faith to attack his stance. Then proceeds to use bible references to detract from free market economics. Its worth a read if for no other reason than to see how the KOS folks think.