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Run Galt Run

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As part of the new healthcare legislation introduced in the house, there is a 5.4 % tax increase on anyone making more than 1,000,000 a year Reuters is reporting. This is to pay for an increase in spending for healthcare. This does not cover that cost, but only part of it.

I am reminded of the discussions which went on before a federal income tax was past. At the time that income tax was only to affect the rich. No one believed that the income tax would fall like a heavy blade across the throats of middle class America. At the time, the citizens of the country still had a pair and would have risen up to protest the bill.

So here we are, nearly 100 years later, and a new tax is being discussed. A surcharge on the wealthiest of the country to pay for the healthcare of the rest of us. Of course no one is talking about the shortfall which is still in place, nor the looming specter of inflation and its affect on the cost of healthcare and the projected costs of this bill.

Of course the dirty secret is you are raising taxes on the successful, the employers, and the doers of the country. In these times of economic torpor, we need these folks far more than they need us. They have the means to leave, and with many industries, moving is not as hard as it once was.

So run Mr. Galt, before the state tries to take more than just 5% of your income, run before cap and trade, and other such measures for the good of the masses, destroy your dreams.