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40 Years Ago Today - Apollo 11, Betraying the Memory.

We landed on the moon. This is the single greatest achievement of humanity and probably its greatest failure. Over a mere decade we built and went to another world. Our failure lies in making this achievement a single stunt. A publicity show instead of a first step.
Even today news organizations temper their coverage of this anniversary with articles debating the cost of the program, whether it was worth the trip. The anniversary sub-site of ABC news has as its largest headline:

Apollo 11: Was this trip necessary?

Really thats what you run with? What a betrayal of the achievement. Its little wonder that our kids don't want to be astronauts any longer. Nor scientists, or engineers for that matter.

My intent today is to sit down with my daughter and make sure she watches From The Earth to the Moon. I suggest you do the same.

Update: As of 12:30pm today this is no longer the top headline.  I guess we were not the only one to take offense.