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Steps to Bring Government Back to Reality

One of my biggest issues with our current "representatives" in Congress is they are not very good employees. As I see it a representative's job description should be:

1) Pass Laws which Serve the interests and values of your constituency. Most Congressmen check this attitude at the door, instead favoring whatever special interest group has the deepest pockets this week.
2) Participate in special committees. If you are participating in a subcommittee read all reports and if you disagree with a report do so publicly and loudly. If you are on the Intelligence committee not reading the reports should be grounds for ejecting you from that committee.
3) Participate in all votes. Your there to vote, sorry if that interferes with your golf game.
4) Vote your values. You were elected based on your values, thats what your constituents expect.
5) Read and be familiar with everything you vote on. Passing a law you haven't read will be grounds for immediate termination.
6) Ensure that anything effects your constituents effects you. If something is going to be tough for your voters, nothing will garner voter loyalty like sharing their suffering.
7) You cannot campaign while congress or the special committees are in session. The first job of a Representative should not be to get reelected.

These points seem like common sense to me but they seem to be written in an alien language for members of Congress.

Take for example point 6. The idea that congress is responsible for administering the Social Security system, but is exempt from contributing or drawing from this plan is a bad idea. Roll the congressional pension plan into social security and you can bet that the congress will not defer working on any projected shortfalls.

John Boehner, Republican House Leader, put out a press release yesterday which contains this gem which is another example of point 6:

- Require all Members of Congress to get their health insurance through the proposed government-run plan. Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) offered an amendment in the Ways & Means Committee that would have required Members of Congress to enroll immediately in the government-run health plan that would be established under the Democratic bill. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) offered an amendment to put his committee on the record in support of enrolling Members of Congress in the government-run plan as well. While the Wilson amendment was approved by voice vote in the Education & Labor Committee, the Heller amendment was killed in the Ways & Means Committee at the behest of Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Rangel.

This basically means that while the rest of us will be stuck with socialized medicine Congress will not. This is disgusting and elitist and has gone largely unreported.

This is my personal list, if you have any others please chime in.