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Birthers Don't Get It - Is This The Man Who Should be Running the Country?

I don't care about Obama's birth certificate. He may have been born on Mars for all I care. This constant bickering about whether or not he is a citizen distracts us from the knives that Congress is shoving in our back. Cap and Trade, ARRA, TARP, etc, are bad bills full of pork which are being passed by Congress not Obama. Obama's role in this legislation (besides being a vocal cheerleader) is that he will rubber stamp them when they come to his desk.

Assume for a moment the birthers are right and Obama confesses to not being an natural born citizen. What then? He steps down and Joe Biden, who supports the same programs Obama does, becomes the President.

The press devoted to the Birth certificate is distracting us from the real stories. Please just let it go.