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Federal Government Massive Hiring Binge

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The federal government needs to hire more than a quarter of a million workers for mission critical jobs over the next 3 years the Washington Post reports, based on a study by The Partnership for Public Service.
This figure represents a combination of Baby Boomers scheduled to retire and aggressive new hiring for the challenges that the Obama administration is looking to take on.

"It has to win the war for talent in order to win the multiple wars
it's fighting for the American people," said Max Stier, president and
chief executive of the Partnership for Public Service, the think tank
that conducted the survey of 35 federal agencies, representing nearly
99 percent of the federal workforce.

The war for talent apparently has become a siege as the economy continues to shed private sector jobs at an alarming rate. Perhaps becoming a civil service employee is in everyones future.

As John Stossel notes its crazy that the massively bloated federal government needs to binge hire.