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9/11 2009

MVC-001FOn September 11, 2009 I was on the 50th Floor of WTC 2. The previous January I had moved to this office from 94 WTC 1. If I hadn't moved, I would have died that morning, most of the morning Coffee klatch I chatted with, did. Those of us who walked out of the building this morning are largely forgotten these days. We go about our daily lives, only occasionally remembering with a quick intake of breath. The 3000 or so victims of that morning are largely forgotten at this point as well. They will be briefly remembered this morning for a minute or 2 of silence and then everyone will go back to worrying about Ellen joining American Idol.  

This is largely a part of being human, time erodes pain and this happens at a national level as well as a personal one. Sadly this also means that the lessons of that day are largely forgotten as well. The idea that "It can't happen here" is once again the standard mode of thinking. This is a tragedy in two senses. One it does an injustice to the folks both living and deceased who were in the building that day. Secondly it does an injustice to the men and woman who work both domestically and abroad to prevent such an incident from happening again.

I for one will join my crew of survivors in thought if not actually, and raise a glass to absent companions.