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A Lobyist by Any Other Name....Obama's Ag Apoointments

From a corporate standpoint lobbyist petition Washington on your behalf so that the executives and other "productive" people don't have to. When it comes to promoting your interest whats even better than a lobbyist? Actually getting one of your executives a key slot in the current administration.

Just ask Monsanto and CropLife who both had senior execs tapped this past weekend. Monsanto's Roger Beachy has been selected as the USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture chief. And Isalm Suddiqui has been nominated as the Chief Agricultural Negotiator for the U.S. Trade Representative's office.

As Fast Company puts it.

This is puzzling news. A representative of a company with a stronghold
on the GMO market is being put in charge of distributing almost $500
million in USDA grants and research funding. And CropLife, which
admonished Michelle Obama for not using pesticides in the White House
Garden, is going to be in charge of opening foreign markets to
U.S.-grown (and pesticide-covered) crops.

So much for that post Nobel buzz.