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WSJ - US Debt to hit 100% of GDP in 2011

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WSJ online has a scary article outlining where the economy will be in 2011. Our debt will have risen at that point to at least 100% of our GDP. In their view this will drive more and more investors out of US dollar backed investments.

Unprecedented spending, unending fiscal deficits, unconscionable
accumulations of government debt: These are the trends that are shaping
America's financial future. And since loose monetary policy and a weak
U.S. dollar are part of the mix, apparently, it's no wonder people
around the world are searching for an alternative form of money in
which to calculate and preserve their own wealth.

Worth a read, and even if gold has hit an all time high against the dollar, it still may be the best bet. A few economists are starting to say it may go as high as 5000. Taking the cue from the fine folks over at QandO this investor has started buying gold.