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Movies for Halloween - Death of a Ghost Hunter

The idea of a gore fest for Halloween has bored me of late, I found myself digging for a good supernatural thriller last night and came across this indie.  Done in the style of Blair Witch this flick follows a paranomal investigation in 2002 which killed the team of investigators. 

The investigation follows the team as they spend 3 days in the Masterson house. A notoriously haunted home which was the scene of a number of grisly murders several years before.

I'm a little late to the party on this one, it came out in 2007 and won a few awards for writing.  I can understand the writting winning an award. The movie is fairly tightly written and contains a few decent scares.  Despite the low budget, the effects are well done.

The acting is a bit off putting however, it comes accross as stiff and awkward.  I will grant that this may have been intentional as the film was intended to convey amateurs filming a ghost hunt, so I will grant them the benefit of the doubt.

On the whole I enjoyed the flick, it kept my interest throughout, and was enough of a scare to make me jump a couple of times.  Give it a shot, its a free rent these days on Netflix streaming.

Heres the link on IMDB.