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Government for Sale... Cheap

The Huffington Post has an article outlining how 25 of the top bailout receipients have thus far spent 71 million on lobbying against such reforms as The Credit Card Reform Act, and the abillity for bankruptcy lawyers to renegotiate mortgages.   The New York Times and Reuters have artices outlining out about 40 congressmen 20 from each party, used the same talking points and verbiage when discussing health care reform.  Which isn't a problem except the talking points were provided by Genentech lobbyist.

Now that the Senate has passed the healthcare act out of commitee -  which looks to be the biggest windfall for insurance companies ever - have you begun to realize how important it is to stand up and vote these people out of office yet? The Congress and Senate both openly accept cash contributions for supporting the viewpoints as provided by lobbyists.  Yet even though this is the case, over and over again they are voted back into office.

Pay attention folks, vote em out, because otherwise you are getting what you deserve.