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Feds Query Sprint Customer Location Data 8 Million Times int the Last Year

Once again your phone is spying on you.  Sprint created a service to allow law enforcement to query customer GPS data because they could not keep up with the number of requests.  According to a Sprint rep this service has been accessed over 8 million times in the last year according to the Wired Threat Level Story.

The story goes on to state that there are only 4 valid circumstances for law enforcement to request this data.

 1) under the authority of a court order;

2) to track the location of a customer who has made a 911 call;

3) in an emergency situation, such as tracking someone lost in the wilderness or trying to locate an abducted child or hostage;

4) with a customer’s consent.

Most like it is under point 4 that these requests have been made.  You might want to read over you service agreement again.  There is probably some fine print legaleze which grants law enforcement open access.

Sprint right now is the smallest of the big 3 carriers in the US. One can only wonder what the stats for Verizon or AT&T might be.