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Ron Paul HR 1207 Update - Worth a watch.

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EM Drive

Inventor Roger Sawyer  want's to conquer gravity.  If the video above is legit, it looks like he is on his way. He has come up with a theory and working prototype and is looking to take it to the next step.  So far his theory has been scoffed at by the scientists and space agencies around the world.  This doesn't seem to phase Sawyer who also reports that the Chinese is working on a prototype of their own.


Looks pretty cool, hopefully this will shut Avery Brooks up.



New Scientist has a much more indepth article here.

Hoffman gets 46%

Doug Hoffman who ran under the Conservative Party in NY's 23 distict has conceded the race to Bill Owens.  This race was controversial because the local GOP was supporting Dede Scozzafava (who withdrew last weekend and still got 5%) who is a "moderate" republican. 

Scozzafava withdrew on saturday and promptly threw her support behind Bill Owens the democratic candidate.  Owens garnered 49% of the vote for the win.

Ron Paul - HR 1207 Gutted

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With most Americans outraged over the behavior of the Federal Reserve and the part it has played in the bailouts of huge institutions in the financial and automotive industries, Ron Paul introduced H.R. 1207, which would have required a full audit of the Federal Reserve and its activities, which crosses international lines.

Ukraine Flu-And Then it Turns Ugly

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There are numerous reports of a far nastier flu like illness striking the Ukraine. The disease may or may not be swine flu or an as yet unidentified pneumonia illness.

Movies for Halloween - Death of a Ghost Hunter

The idea of a gore fest for Halloween has bored me of late, I found myself digging for a good supernatural thriller last night and came across this indie.  Done in the style of Blair Witch this flick follows a paranomal investigation in 2002 which killed the team of investigators. 

The investigation follows the team as they spend 3 days in the Masterson house. A notoriously haunted home which was the scene of a number of grisly murders several years before.

Worth a Listen - Healthcare Podcast

Phileas Club is a podcast run by Patrick Bajas a French National with a vaguely tech bend. It's an interesting podcast because he assembles people from around the world then discusses what is largely American issues.

Canadian Dollar to Reach Parity With US Dollar

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The Canadian economy is growing the US economy is tanking, and the result is by year end a 60% chance of the Canadian Dollar hitting parity with the US according to Bloomberg. Meanwhile Washington is still debating on how to spend even more money.

WSJ - US Debt to hit 100% of GDP in 2011

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WSJ online has a scary article outlining where the economy will be in 2011. Our debt will have risen at that point to at least 100% of our GDP. In their view this will drive more and more investors out of US dollar backed investments.

A Lobyist by Any Other Name....Obama's Ag Apoointments

From a corporate standpoint lobbyist petition Washington on your behalf so that the executives and other "productive" people don't have to. When it comes to promoting your interest whats even better than a lobbyist? Actually getting one of your executives a key slot in the current administration.

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