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Galt walks - Is competetion bad ?

Lets say your a highschool coach hired to instill a sense of achievement and competion in your team.  Your team is greatly succesful, to the point where they crush a competing team, a complete shutout.  Does your employer thank you for a job well done?  No they demand you apologize for doing your job.  What would be your response?

Well Micah Grimes - Coach of the Covenant school who was put in this position after his team won a 100-0 victory over a local rival, refused and was in turn fired.

Good for you Micah apologizing for doing your job to the best of your ability is teaching your ki


If you are very lucky, you have a person in your life that is truly larger then life. Who is ready at the drop of a hat to kick ass and take names, and completely commit to tilting at any passing windmill which has raised his ire. If you are really lucky, you gamed with him weekly and got to tag along for the ride.

My friend Mike was an gamer, navy seal, crusader for liberty, crude, romantic, quick with a laugh or a punch. Despite having been shot in the head more then once, he still had a memory which put mine to shame.


Have Yourself a Merry Little Bailout

The Adventures of Young Jack Ryan….

Let me preface this by saying that I liked the early Clancy Jack Ryan novels, but after you nuke the superbowl and single handedly reform the American government there’s a pretty good chance your career is going downhill from that point forward.  Even Clancy, who milked that cow till it evaporated, has finally turned away from Jack Ryan, using him merely as a background character while others take the stage.  Paramount Pictures thinks there’s still a little cream left in that cow since they are planning a

Posse Whatzit?

Marines Stationed at drunk driving check points in California. Good times were had by all. Proof that its not just the constitution at risk.

As democratic underground reports...

Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) Provost Marshal (head of a unit of military police) and the local California Highway Patrol office will begin working together 12/12 — and through the holiday season — in a joint effort to reduce accidents and drinking and driving.

United We Fail


PJ O'Rourke Visits Our Dreams of the Future

PJ O'Rourke (Token Republican at various mags) points out that as a culture even our dreams of tomorrow are slipping. He's a funny guy, but in this case his commentary is a sad reflection of humanities slip from utopian to dystopian dreams.

When our parents were kids, the future was fashioned in Buck Rogers gleaming art deco splendor, celebrating the triumph of man and science. Now we have dark visions of bleak corporate nightmares filled with mucus and smog.

Recruiters... Wow players need not apply.

...He replied that employers specifically instruct him not to send them World of Warcraft players. He said there is a belief that WoW players cannot give 100% because their focus is elsewhere, their sleeping patterns are often not great, etc. I mentioned that some people have written about MMOG leadership experience as a career positive or a way to learn project management skills, and he shook his head. He has been specifically asked to avoid WoW players.

From f13

England’s Net Nanny

England seems to be further and further along the curve on the path to totalitarianism.  From this side of the pond, it serves as a wonderful Panopticon to see where the erosion of privacy and civil rights in this country are headed.

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