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Molon Labe! and Going Galt

I am Andrew Ryan and I'm here to ask you a question: Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

No, says the man in Washington, it belongs to the poor.

No, says the man in the Vatican, it belongs to God.

No, says the man in Moscow, it belongs to everyone.

This is the opening monolog to Bioshock, a libertarian dystopian video game. Sadly these days the man in Washington is saying it belongs to just about anyone we say it does - including large corporations, bankers and pretty much any company who has the ear of a congressman and a poor business model.

Michael Crichton Dies at 66

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200px-Michael_crichtonPopular author and medical doctor Michael Crichton pass unexpectedly of cancer on Election day this year.   Crichton is best known for Jurassic Park and ER, and most recently he has been vilifie

The Government We Deserve

So Obama has been crowned, this is a man who openly advocates wealth redistribution, aggressive carbon taxes which in his own words will drive the cost of electricity sky high, and consorts with avowed communists.  Buckle up folks because the next 4 years will be interesting, lets hope our country can withstand it.

To quote a famous wizard, we will be getting exactly what we deserve.

GM and Chrysler Turned Down on Bailout

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I am truly amazed but Paulson apparently is reserving the big money for his former banking and wall street buddies.  Its under reported in the current snowstorm of Obama’s coronation but Yahoo is reporting that the government will not be financing the merger.

Horror for Halloween – The Frighteners

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frighteners05Before he brought us Hobbit porn, Peter Jacksons first big budget flick was The Frighteners.  This is a comedic horror jaunt throu

Greenspan enters the Confessional

The blogverse is a buzz with the news that big Al Greenspan, former drinking buddy of the high priestest of Libertarianism Ayn Rand, has come into congress and admitted that he was wrong about banks regulating themselves for their own best interest and long term survival.  Ms. Rand’s Corpse was clocked spinning at mach 3 in her grave over in Valhalla NY.

Scheduled Downtime

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GeekHeretic will be down from 9-12 this evening for some much needed maintenance. Sorry for the interruption folks.

The Harsh Reality of Democracy

America is accelerating downhill from is position of prominence in the world, India and China are both on the ascent, but still our politicians are whoring themselves to the power of the masses for a few extra votes.  The glory of democracy is that everyman has a vote, the harsh reality is that most who do vote are selfish jackasses who will gladly sell long term economic growth for a buck today.

Band Aid Economics

If you are not a subscriber, I encourage you to go out and purchase this weeks business weeks. Go ahead I will wait....

This historic issue chronicles the last gasps of the capitalist aspects of our society in the article "Forget Adam Smith... Whatever works". After watching with envious eyes the bailout of the financial markets, the big three automakers are coming to DC looking for a handout.

Why not? Bailing out Ford, GM and Chrysler would have a more direct impact to voters in the fly-over battle ground states then bailing out the banks will.

Don Cheadle to play War Machine/Rhodes in Iron Man 2

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Hollywood reporter states that Terrance Howard will not be part of Iron Man 2 instead they will tap Don Cheadle to take this role.

There is the usual Hollywood double speak for reasons why and the full story will probably have to wait for the A&E special. I really can't see Don Cheadle playing this role.

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