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We Interrupt the Financial Apocalypse for Something Really Cool.

OK I know we all have other things to worry about but this beastie has been even more improved and really rocks.

The Financial Bailout.... a grab for power

Mish's Global Economics has the full text of the bailout bill. It is without a doubt a grab for more power by the executive branch.

It also is the demise of our free market economy. Make sure you leave milk and cookies out for the Commissar this evening. They appreciate cooperation and a positive attitude.

700 Billion Dollars

President Bush has now asked congress to authorize the treasury department to acquire 700 billion dollars in mortgage related assets. I wonder if he raised his pinkie to his lips in proper Dr Evil style?

$700 billion dollars in bad mortgage paper, and structured in such a way that we won't even be able to foreclose on the properties.

Nope... Nothing to see here

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Take a minute and read this....

This WSJ article is terrifying in several respects.

1) The federal government is to become the lender of last resort across the board, not just for housing, for the investment community as a whole. Since major automakers are also getting shaky does this mean they are open to this treatment as well?

Microsoft to Drop Seinfeld

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HT to John Gruber over at Daring Fireball. MS is pulling the plug on Jerry Seinfeld in their ad campaign.

Maybe now they will do an ad with some relevance.

Suggested Reading for John McCain

eco.jpgJohn McCain stated publicly amidst the financial chaos, high numbers in unemployment, high foreclosure rates and the potential collapse of AIG.... "The Fundamentals of our Economy Remain Strong"

Seriously John, thats what you go with?

Ebooks - What Kindle Should Be.

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I seem to be in the minority in the tech world for not having any love for a kindle. Its too big, and honestly I need another device to carry like a hole in the head. Why did Amazon decide to market a new device? Especially in that clunky size?

What would have been far more effective would be to enter a relation ship with Apple and sell Kindle as an environment for the iPhone/iPod Touch, or better still sell Kindle as a platform for offline digital media reading on a variety of devices.

Is Insurance Next?

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With wall street still realling on the double tap of Lehman and Merril Lynch news, in the background, AIG is also having trouble. Does this mean that the insurance industry is next to feel the credit crunch?

The politics of Spore...


Spore is probably the most anticipated video game of all time. Will Wright, creator of the Sims has been dropping tantalizing hints at the last few E3s and the public as a whole has been drooling over those hints all along. Truly no game idea prior to this has had such a grand vision as its premise.

MS Ad #2

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Well the second Microsoft Ad has hit the airwaves and the net, and sadly it is even worse then the first. The idea of Bill Gates and Jerry Senfield doing a sitcom together is mildly amusing, but hardly the best way to convey to people that they want to switch to Vista and please oh god, don't buy a Mac.

Take a step back and think about what position MS is in right now. They are watching Apple literally rocket after their market share.

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