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Review: 13 Things That Don't Make Sense: The Most Baffling Scientific Mysteries of Our Time

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A number of years ago I took a college level astronomy course.   I enjoyed it immensely but to this day, I am still amazed at how much in cosmology is unknown, and that which is known falls into the category of this is the model which best fits most of the data.  Its that modifier which fascinated me.

Perhaps it naive but through grammar school, and high school I was left with the impression that astronomers were rapidly closing in on a fairly comprehensive accounting for all the wiggly bits and mysteries which make up the universe.  Except they weren’t.

Microsoft Ad Campaign

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Microsoft has finally let loose with its ad campaign to bring people back to the windows fold.  With the general perception of Vistas failure and Apples doubling of their market share, the true beleivers on the windows side of the aisle have been wondering for months what MS's big ad campaign will be.  Apple has been widely praised for their I'm a PC, I'm a Mac ads which are clever, and actually convey useful information.

So what do the MS millions buy?  Take a look at this turd.


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If you were to ask a group of comic book nerds what the greatest comic of all time were, chances are the vast majority of them would say Watchmen.  Without a doubt, this is the comic that would be at the top of my list, and the one that convinced me to start reading comics again.

I have purchased and loaned out more copies of this book then I care to remember, and I will probably keep picking one up every few years just to reread it and loan it out again.  It’s that good, and I believe stands as a great novel not just a great graphic novel.

I worry about the movie quite a bit, the traile

DHS - No fourth amendment for you

As CNET and others are reporting the Department of Homeland security has now publically issued a proclaimation that they have the right to seize laptops of people crossing the border into or out of the united states.

A pair of DHS policies from last month say that customs agents can routinely--as a matter of course--seize, make copies of, and "analyze the information transported by any individual attempting to enter, re-enter, depart, pass through, or reside in the United States." (See policy No. 1 and No.

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments - Banned Book

I am facinated by banned books, mostly because they serve as a dip stick into the crazy morass of evolving societal values.  Catcher in the Rye seems tame these days, but was banned in its time.  The AD&D rule books were also banned in some communities (and probably served as the spark of this morbid facination).

So when boing boing ran a post about the Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments as part of its ongoing charting of the history of the war on fun, and indicated that it was banned. I had to find a copy.

D & D 4e

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I held off on my fourth edition review to give the game a chance. As Mike Mearls and others have commented, 4e plays far better then it reads. My initial impression was this is interesting, but not really D & D. I’ve come around on that, it is D & D but D & D brought back to its roots as an add-on to a tactical miniature game.

Based on the overall picture of the game, 4e seems to have the following design goals.

Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

Sorry for the lack of postage, I've been trying to help a number of people keep the day job company alive.  More on that soon....

In the meantime.... be sure to check out . Mad Science, campy music,  Joss Whedon Nathan Fillon and Neil Patrick Harris.  It's totally legen.... wait for it... dary.

<update> This show also represents a possible new breed of entertainment.

RPG Files

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After 30 years of playing role playing games still have a good deal of appeal to me.  Here are a collection of files which I hope you find useful.

GM Hold Music Volume 1
This started as a off hand comment, and grew to be surprisingly popular.  Since is no more, I have decided to rehost this here.

4e Init Cards

Budget Hero

Think you have all the answers? Want to fix the federal government's spending policy? Up all night worrying about national debt as a percentage of GDP?

Boy do I have a game for you.  Budget Hero is a flash game which allows you to modify the spending of the US Government program by program.  Its an interesting balancing act, as you try to balance spending on national security vs healthcare and social security, just to keep the country afloat.

Home Equity Credit Shutting Down

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Quite a bit of the mortgage issues, sub prime or no, stems from the premise that you can loan money to people on ridiculous terms, because the value of the home was rising so rapidly, and by the time problems would hit, the increased home value would have lent the person enough equity to refinance out of danger.

Of course we now know that this was a false premise. The first victims of the home value slow down was the folks, and lenders who specialized in ARMS with killer maturity clauses. The second wave of issues is now beginning to crest.

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