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Red Computer Blue Computer Part Two

OK I am still getting a chuckle out of the mac user communities reaction when prominent republicans come out as mac users. As the latest example, Karl Rove, who apparently is known as Darth Tyrannus revealed that he is an avid mac/iphone user.

The headline of the blog cult of mac sums it up. Karl Rove Loves his iPhone and MacBook Air. EWWW!.

Open DNS

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One of the things that folks take for granted about the internet is your computers ability to find other computers on the internet. When you type (which you should be doing more often) your computer connects to the host of this blog without you needed to know that its located in a closet at the bottom of an abandoned sanitarium at a specific network address.

The way that this task is accomplished is through a procedure known as DNS, Domain Name System. This acts like an electronic phonebook.

Blue Computer Red Computer?

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As previously posted I have recently switched to the mac. I am an old unix hand so the command line side of things are fine, but the mac ui still has nuances which I am still learning. So the last week has been spent reading the missing manual book by Pogue and trawling websites for tutorials and hints for folks who switch. There are some great websites out there and fantastic pod casts.

What surprised me is how political your choice of operating system seems to be. Apparently Rush Limbaugh is a mac fan from way back in the day.

Fruit on my desk

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3 Weeks ago I rebuilt my office laptop for the 3 time in a year. This time was the system registry had decided to eat itself, and no amount of coaxing could bring the system back into its normal, only slightly irritable self. This particular crash cost Microsoft a customer.

In fairness to Microsoft it was uninstalling pc anywhere which seems to have done the deed this time.

Gygax Passes

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What do you say when the man who introduced you to all of your closest friends and provided some of your fondest memories for the last 27 years passes away?  Well I have been wrestling with that for days now and I am still coming up dry.

So since words escape me I will just say, thank you Mr Gygax.

What is Socialism

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The impetus for this article came from a number of comments about the book The Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.  A number of readers felt that G Edward Griffin lost focus and revealed his bias when he showed that many of the people behind the Fed and the World Bank were Fabian Socialist. Why would the bankers of the world, driven by profit have any socialist leanings?

End Times are Near?

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Wired has a write up about Norway opening a new Seed Vault to act as hedge against future catastrophe's.  (Article here)

These Noah's Ark's of Seeds apparently are quite popular.

The Good Guys

Do you know the name Johan Santana? Barry Bonds? Derek Jeter? Do your kids know these names? I don't follow baseball but even I know them. How about Heath Ledger? You couldn't touch a remote, or visit a news site without being inundated with his name over the last few weeks.

How about Michael Murphy, Paul R. Smith, Jason L Dunham? No not ringing a bell? Gary Gordon? Randall Shughart? These are the last 5 men to win the medal of honor.

How to stimulate the Economy

If you have a child which cannot save and invest money giving them an extra $20 isn't going to make them start saving. They will spend it, and in a few months the money will be forgotten. Likewise the current stimulus package which includes up to 1500 per person in tax rebates, will be pissed away as a small blip on the retails sales radar and will have little overall economic impact. Now don't get me wrong, some of the proposed bits of the stimulus bill make sense.

Pigs or my return to Wow

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I started playing World of Warcraft very shortly after it went live. Wow was a superior product as all of Blizzard's video games are, and for the next 18 months or so I spent an embarrassingly large amount of time playing a 3 foot tall professional acquisition specialist. I also paid for a subscription for my son, so we could adventure together. Of course those with teenage children know that most children would rather be subjected to hours of painful dental surgery while being flogged with a trout, than play video games in public with their parents.

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