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Make the Web your Bitch…

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Back in the early 90s when I was a young cocky asshole (as opposed to now, still cocky, still an asshole, not so young) and I would listen with amusement as the mainframe programmers I worked with bemoaned how the rest of the family would come to them with pc problem during the holidays. "Why they think I know anything about why their pc sound isn't working when I am a COBOL programmer and still using a dumb terminal? " Often as the resident PC (toy computer) geek I was tapped to help them.

Tasty but not Filling

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Half Life 2 Episode 2 came out this month. I have spent the last few nights playing my favorite silent alter ego, Gordon Freeman. The problem is after 3 days of playing a few hours a day its over, and now I am stuck waiting for episode 3 (whose release date is still not set). The creative Valve software should be slow roasted over a hot flame until they release the last episode of this truly outstanding series. Hopefully it won't be a full year in coming as episode 2 was.

How do you say Atlas Shrugged in French ?

It is a dark secret of the Heretic that he enjoys mangling wood on the weekend. Like many folk who returned to wood working a decade or two after wood shop, the bug has bitten and after a year or so, I can occasionally produce something worthy to be seen in public. Why do I bring this up now? To explain how I came across this article.

Capitalism Selling your Countries Security Bit by Bit

One of the flaws in a capitalist system is the balancing act a government needs to walk to maintain security but not stifle business. You want to maintain security, but how do you keep from interfering with a companies and their right to buy and sell property. Case in point the Dubai ports deal a situation where the White House argued strongly for the deal, but thankfully congress intervened.

Robert Jordan Passes at 59

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James Oliver Rigney, Jr, veteran, writer, nuclear engineer, better known as Robert Jordan - passed away due cardiac amyloidosis on 9/16/2007. Best known for the Wheel of Time series and various Conan works, Jordan was working on the twelfth and (thank god) last Wheel of Time book entitled Memory of Light.

I was hooked on Jordan's series by the early books. They were action packed, full of interesting characters and were set in a well defined world full of myth and depth. Unfortunately his later worked wandered about, added dozens of characters and needed to be trimmed down for length.

Q walks among us – A personal jetpack for your network technicians

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Network World published this article about a personal jetpack. Just the thing for those cabling jobs between skyscrapers. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a cool techy device more then most, but it is an odd venue for this sort of thing.

9/11 - A Toast to Absent Companions

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Donna its been six years since we last talked about Disney, or your son.

Bill I wish I had known you liked My Blue Heaven and model trains before you went, it would have made that business trip to Iowa so much more fun.

Sandy you seemed such a gentle happy guy. Always on the edge of the crowd with a smile never quite fitting in.

There are many others but these three are the folks who I worked closest with in the WTC and will always be the face of 9/11 for me.

GI JOE – Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity

I kid you not. GI Joe the real American hero has succumbed to the forces of Globalization in the new movie based on the cartoon and toyline – Fox news and many others report. Well I for one say Paramount can eat my shorts. GI Joe is as American as apple pie.

Seeing the world through Google colored glasses

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You are editor in chief for a major newspaper. Though you don't write articles your editorial policies would determine which articles were on the front page, and which were buried several pages back which would subtly influence what the common man thinks is important. The opinions of your writers would set the tone and sway the public mindset, and you determine which articles the public sees and which they do not. In short you could easily sway elections and push your agenda.

Why Star Trek is Sub Optimal

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By all accounts I should be a Star Trek geek. I was raised in a house where Saturday nights from 7-8 was family hour because the original Star Trek reruns were on. I devoured the James Blish ST novels in Jr High, and I have seen every movie. But in my heart of hearts I cannot commit to being a Trekkie/Trekker or whatever noun is correct this time of year.

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