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Socialism in Action

Our buddy Hugo has announced plans to nationalize telecom and electricity in Venezuela. Here's our chance to watch socialism occur in a more or less open country.

The interesting thing is that little tidbit at the end about the pension company. If the minimum wage is being raised repeatedly (pay attention California) it normally destroys small business by making them unprofitable, or forcing the owners to work crazy hours because he cant hire enough people.

Searching Sucks

Internet searching has not kept up with the volume of information on the Internet.  I am singling out google for this article but most of what I write holds true for their competitors.  The bottom line is search engines are too full of commercial crap.   Take this example:

Let’s say you are looking for .Net source code to do blank page detection for tiff.  Entering in the keywords .net source code tiff blank page detection returns 109,000 rows.

Web Comics

** GH Note. Originally Posted 4/1/2006 ** 

Took the little heretics down to I-Con 25 over the weekend of 3/24-26/2006.

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Welcome to Geek Heretic

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Welcome to Geek Heretic.

I am 38 years old, and I am a Geek.  Not the circus performing freaks who insert things into their noses and swallow more bugs then your average Fear Factor contestant.  I mean Geek in the term of Programmer, Gadget Fan, Science Fiction, Comic Book, Computer Gaming and RPG fan.  To illustrate my point, our family vacation for the last 3 years has been a trip to Gen Con Indy.  This year’s plans include a trip to Otakucon.

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