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Healthcare Townhalls Riffs

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Sotomayor - Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Sotomayor has been confirmed which is not a surprise to anyone.

German Net Censorship To Be Expanded Beyond Child Porn

A mere 2 hours passed before the authorities in Germany were looking to expand the powers of the child porn targeting net censorship act to killer games such as Counterstrike and other FPS. Now Slashdot is reporting that the Minister for Family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen is looking to expand the blocking software to block hate speech and net bullying.

Time to Whack Your Neighbors with a Thighbone - Monolith on Phobos

This is getting a lot of press the last few weeks because Buzz Aldrin mentioned on CSpan. The actual photos are a few years old now. There are some odd items on the surface of Phobos (The vaguely potato shaped moon orbiting mars).

Amazon Sued Over the 1984 Practice and Book

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I have written previously about Amazon's reaching out and deleting Orwell books from users Kindles. It turns out their reason for doing so was sound (the book was put up by someone without the rights to do so) but their technique was flawed. They deleted the copy and refunded the cost to the owner.

Higher High Tides - Causing Confusion

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As reported by the News and Observer, east coast high tides are running 6-24 inches higher then expected since June.

A Possible Explanation on Tarps Failure to Bring Liquidity

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H/T to Blacklisted News for this one.

Birthers Don't Get It - Is This The Man Who Should be Running the Country?

I don't care about Obama's birth certificate. He may have been born on Mars for all I care. This constant bickering about whether or not he is a citizen distracts us from the knives that Congress is shoving in our back.

Steps to Bring Government Back to Reality

One of my biggest issues with our current "representatives" in Congress is they are not very good employees. As I see it a representative's job description should be:

Iron Man 2 at Comic Con

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At San Diego Comic Con Jon Favreau gave fans a peek at 2 minutes of previously unseen footage for the 2010 Iron Man 2. SOME SPOILERS AHEAD

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