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Run Galt Run

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As part of the new healthcare legislation introduced in the house, there is a 5.4 % tax increase on anyone making more than 1,000,000 a year Reuters is reporting. This is to pay for an increase in spending for healthcare. This does not cover that cost, but only part of it.

Rural Air Travel Subsidies

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AP is running a story about a 40% increase in the budget (to 173 million) of the Essential Air Service. This is a subsidy geared towards making sure airlines fly unprofitable routes. It an approach that sounds right out of Atlas Shrugged it is in place to ensure that no citizen will be denied air service.

Mises Institute - Fed is Underreporting Inflation

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The Mises institute is reporting that the fed is under reporting the current money supply (M1) by a substantial amount. The reported M1 is 1.6 Trillian which would be 16% over last year.

Weekly AGW Watch and Some Recommended Reading

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Senate Dems are scrambling to secure a filibuster proof majority despite having a 60 vote majority. Most seem to think that the bill will still be shot down. Meanwhile the true cost of the cap and trade program is increasingly being written about in main stream news. Worth quoting is:

Worth a Watch: Senator Barasso Grills EPA on Serious Eco Impact of Cap and Tax

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This is a little dated (5/12) but still worth watching since it covers numerous sources citing a severe e

Recomended Reading: Mark Steyn - The State Despotic

H/T to the outstanding folks over at Questions and Observations for finding this little gem. Mark Steyn has a great article in New Criterion covering both the philosophical beginnings of the US and the slow soft despotism which is growing like Kudzu. I highly recommend it to my readership.

Police Seize American Flag

The Washington post is running an article about Vito Congine Jr's upside down flag protest in Wisconsin. Cognine has been fighting the village of Crivitz to try to obtain a liquor license for a restaurant he is remodeling.
He has been flying the flag upside down (signaling distress) since mid June. Just before the Fourth of July parade police entered his property and seized the flag. The day after the parade the flag was returned to him.

Life of Brian - Most controversial film of all time?

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In a vote by movie buffs the top 5 controversial films are: 1 The Life of Brian, 2 A Clockwork Orange, 3 The Last House on the Left, 4 The War Game, 5 Pink Flamingos. So here's your chance to load up your netflix queue for a bit of twisted cinema.

Deficit Nation - State Deficit Projections For 2010

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The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities has released its projected deficits for 2010.

John Yoo - Left holding the bag.

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You may remember Mr Yoo as the DOJ attorney who wrote the brief which stated enhanced interrogation techniques were not torture.

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