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Mathmatical Model of Zombie Infection

Canadian mathematicians have modeled a Zombie outbreak and what the best approach for avoiding a Dawn of the Dead style apocalypse.

Rubik's 360

For those of us who lived through the Rubik's cube craze of the 80's the idea of another puzzle by the fiendish Emo Rubik, brings both terror and hope to the geek masses of the world.

Zombies in Area Run!

Gotta love hackers with a sense of humor.


If you are very lucky, you have a person in your life that is truly larger then life. Who is ready at the drop of a hat to kick ass and take names, and completely commit to tilting at any passing windmill which has raised his ire. If you are really lucky, you gamed with him weekly and got to tag along for the ride.

My friend Mike was an gamer, navy seal, crusader for liberty, crude, romantic, quick with a laugh or a punch. Despite having been shot in the head more then once, he still had a memory which put mine to shame.


The Adventures of Young Jack Ryan….

Let me preface this by saying that I liked the early Clancy Jack Ryan novels, but after you nuke the superbowl and single handedly reform the American government there’s a pretty good chance your career is going downhill from that point forward.  Even Clancy, who milked that cow till it evaporated, has finally turned away from Jack Ryan, using him merely as a background character while others take the stage.  Paramount Pictures thinks there’s still a little cream left in that cow since they are planning a

PJ O'Rourke Visits Our Dreams of the Future

PJ O'Rourke (Token Republican at various mags) points out that as a culture even our dreams of tomorrow are slipping. He's a funny guy, but in this case his commentary is a sad reflection of humanities slip from utopian to dystopian dreams.

When our parents were kids, the future was fashioned in Buck Rogers gleaming art deco splendor, celebrating the triumph of man and science. Now we have dark visions of bleak corporate nightmares filled with mucus and smog.

Recruiters... Wow players need not apply.

...He replied that employers specifically instruct him not to send them World of Warcraft players. He said there is a belief that WoW players cannot give 100% because their focus is elsewhere, their sleeping patterns are often not great, etc. I mentioned that some people have written about MMOG leadership experience as a career positive or a way to learn project management skills, and he shook his head. He has been specifically asked to avoid WoW players.

From f13

Personal Jet

Swiss jet pilot Yves Rossy has successfully piloted his 4 engine personal jet wind across the English channel today. An incredible feat, and a worthy of a geek'asm.

Apple vs Google ... Style vs Attitude.

Apple has been catching a fair amount of Blog bombs over the last few weeks on its byzantine app approval process for the iPhone. Originally this process was pitched as a mechanism to ensure that the apps put on the AppStore (the only official way to get apps onto the phone) did not contain malicious code which would "interfere with the users iPhone experience".

Now it turns out that the approval process is also there to keep folks from deploying apps which might break Apples hegemony over certain functions.

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