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Unsafe iPhone App Categories.

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Apple has been catching a fair amount of flack over its rejection of some iPhone submitted apps in the past. I myself have expressed dismay at this since I believe an open platform gives consumers the opportunity to choose best of breed for a given software category.

Mad Men are Watching You

The Washington Post ran an interesting article today about major players in the online industry tracking your web usage.

"What they should be saying is, 'We are going to be collecting every move of your mouse on every Web site on a second-by-second basis.' But that would scare too many people away," said Jeff Chester, of the Center for Digital Democracy.

Coping with Roadkill Budgets

With the current economy being in worse shape then the possums on the thruway, many of us in the IT world are having to cope with severely curtailed budgets. Experts predict that the current economic slowdown will continue for a few years at least.  The worst thing you can do now is try to pretend that its business as usual. Here's a few tips to survive.

  1. Try not to get emotionally attached to your projects.

In Quotes.... a Great New Toy from Google

Google labs has a great toy for us bloggers during this election season. Called In Quotes it combs news sources and presents you with direct quotes for the candidates of your choice.

It shows a lot of promise. Want to find some pithy quotes from Senator McCain or Obama on oil? Its there.

Apple vs Google ... Style vs Attitude.

Apple has been catching a fair amount of Blog bombs over the last few weeks on its byzantine app approval process for the iPhone. Originally this process was pitched as a mechanism to ensure that the apps put on the AppStore (the only official way to get apps onto the phone) did not contain malicious code which would "interfere with the users iPhone experience".

Now it turns out that the approval process is also there to keep folks from deploying apps which might break Apples hegemony over certain functions.

We Interrupt the Financial Apocalypse for Something Really Cool.

OK I know we all have other things to worry about but this beastie has been even more improved and really rocks.

Microsoft to Drop Seinfeld

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HT to John Gruber over at Daring Fireball. MS is pulling the plug on Jerry Seinfeld in their ad campaign.

Maybe now they will do an ad with some relevance.

Ebooks - What Kindle Should Be.

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I seem to be in the minority in the tech world for not having any love for a kindle. Its too big, and honestly I need another device to carry like a hole in the head. Why did Amazon decide to market a new device? Especially in that clunky size?

What would have been far more effective would be to enter a relation ship with Apple and sell Kindle as an environment for the iPhone/iPod Touch, or better still sell Kindle as a platform for offline digital media reading on a variety of devices.

The politics of Spore...


Spore is probably the most anticipated video game of all time. Will Wright, creator of the Sims has been dropping tantalizing hints at the last few E3s and the public as a whole has been drooling over those hints all along. Truly no game idea prior to this has had such a grand vision as its premise.

MS Ad #2

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Well the second Microsoft Ad has hit the airwaves and the net, and sadly it is even worse then the first. The idea of Bill Gates and Jerry Senfield doing a sitcom together is mildly amusing, but hardly the best way to convey to people that they want to switch to Vista and please oh god, don't buy a Mac.

Take a step back and think about what position MS is in right now. They are watching Apple literally rocket after their market share.

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