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Movies for Halloween - Death of a Ghost Hunter

The idea of a gore fest for Halloween has bored me of late, I found myself digging for a good supernatural thriller last night and came across this indie.  Done in the style of Blair Witch this flick follows a paranomal investigation in 2002 which killed the team of investigators. 

The investigation follows the team as they spend 3 days in the Masterson house. A notoriously haunted home which was the scene of a number of grisly murders several years before.

Capitalism is Evil

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Capitalism: A Love Story - is the new propaganda flick from Michael Moore which was shown at the Venice Film Festival yesterday.

Iron Man 2 at Comic Con

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At San Diego Comic Con Jon Favreau gave fans a peek at 2 minutes of previously unseen footage for the 2010 Iron Man 2. SOME SPOILERS AHEAD

Life of Brian - Most controversial film of all time?

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In a vote by movie buffs the top 5 controversial films are: 1 The Life of Brian, 2 A Clockwork Orange, 3 The Last House on the Left, 4 The War Game, 5 Pink Flamingos. So here's your chance to load up your netflix queue for a bit of twisted cinema.


There seems to be two kinds of movies about fandom. Those that look, usually with a mocking tone, from the outside and those that are made by fans for fans. Fanboys is a movie which falls squarely in the latter category.

The Obligatory Star Trek Review

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Star Trek has always been a love hate thing with me. I used to love the old series when I was a kid and the old James Blish books was a staple in my school bag during middle school. As I grew up though I realized that the lack of continuity and depth of story left much to be desired.

As far as the various reincarnations of the series, movies etc, I quickly discovered that the ones which were military sci fi in nature were great and the rest could be chucked with no love lost.

The Adventures of Young Jack Ryan….

Let me preface this by saying that I liked the early Clancy Jack Ryan novels, but after you nuke the superbowl and single handedly reform the American government there’s a pretty good chance your career is going downhill from that point forward.  Even Clancy, who milked that cow till it evaporated, has finally turned away from Jack Ryan, using him merely as a background character while others take the stage.  Paramount Pictures thinks there’s still a little cream left in that cow since they are planning a

Don Cheadle to play War Machine/Rhodes in Iron Man 2

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Hollywood reporter states that Terrance Howard will not be part of Iron Man 2 instead they will tap Don Cheadle to take this role.

There is the usual Hollywood double speak for reasons why and the full story will probably have to wait for the A&E special. I really can't see Don Cheadle playing this role.

Horror Movies for Halloween – Night of the Creeps

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o_NIGHT_OF_THE_CREEPS_AUTRE_IMAGE “Girls I have good news and bad news.  The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is they’re all dead”

Unbreakable II

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M. Night Shyamalan has penned some truly awful movies. The Happening was watchable, even enjoyable in spots, but it and its 2 predecessors (Lady in the Water and Village) lost the magic that was part of his first three (Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs).

Unbreakable is the story of a super hero (played by Bruce Willis) waking to his powers. Its told in an outstanding fashion, but unfortunately seemed to end abruptly.

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