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EM Drive

Inventor Roger Sawyer  want's to conquer gravity.  If the video above is legit, it looks like he is on his way. He has come up with a theory and working prototype and is looking to take it to the next step.  So far his theory has been scoffed at by the scientists and space agencies around the world.  This doesn't seem to phase Sawyer who also reports that the Chinese is working on a prototype of their own.


Looks pretty cool, hopefully this will shut Avery Brooks up.



New Scientist has a much more indepth article here.

40 Years Ago Today - Apollo 11, Betraying the Memory.

We landed on the moon. This is the single greatest achievement of humanity and probably its greatest failure. Over a mere decade we built and went to another world. Our failure lies in making this achievement a single stunt.

Kindle's Next Market - Comics

The Amazon Kindle has single handedly put ebooks back on the map. There were some early pioneers like Baen publishing which always believed, but other than a few hard core techies like myself, few folks wanted ebooks.

Rubik's 360

For those of us who lived through the Rubik's cube craze of the 80's the idea of another puzzle by the fiendish Emo Rubik, brings both terror and hope to the geek masses of the world.

Sperm Made to Order in Britain

AP news is reporting the creation of human sperm from stem cells in Britain. Besides the general wow thats cool factor, they are looking to treat infertility in the long run.

Twitter vs CNN - Fail

The weekend immediately following the Iranian election saw a very interesting change in the way people consume news. The people of Iran took to the streets and started posting videos and tweets about the nation wide protest. It wasn't long before the election became a top topic on Twitscoop and other twitter trending sites.

New Way to Spy on Computers

Martin Vuagnoux and Sylvain Pasini in an article with video have successfully capture keystrokes up to 20 meters away based on the electromagnetic signal generated by the key being depressed.

Arduino - Electronics for Programming Geeks

After I purchased the Snap Circuit Kit for my daughter I began to feel the itch to build something myself. Poking around on the net, I discovered a whole class of electronic playthings which speak to my inner code monkey.

Sparking the Flame

I have a 5 year old daughter who is about to turn 6. A few weeks ago I was reading iWoz (Steve Wozniaks book) and he mentioned that he built his first crystal radio at 6. Hmm 6 thought I, I wonder if my daughter could handle building a crystal radio at this age.

PJ O'Rourke Visits Our Dreams of the Future

PJ O'Rourke (Token Republican at various mags) points out that as a culture even our dreams of tomorrow are slipping. He's a funny guy, but in this case his commentary is a sad reflection of humanities slip from utopian to dystopian dreams.

When our parents were kids, the future was fashioned in Buck Rogers gleaming art deco splendor, celebrating the triumph of man and science. Now we have dark visions of bleak corporate nightmares filled with mucus and smog.

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