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Time to Whack Your Neighbors with a Thighbone - Monolith on Phobos

This is getting a lot of press the last few weeks because Buzz Aldrin mentioned on CSpan. The actual photos are a few years old now. There are some odd items on the surface of Phobos (The vaguely potato shaped moon orbiting mars).

Higher High Tides - Causing Confusion

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As reported by the News and Observer, east coast high tides are running 6-24 inches higher then expected since June.

In Lancaster, CA Big Brother Really is Watching

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Lancaster CA will be the first city in the nation to deploy military grade constant ariel surveillance to monitor its citizens in the hopes of preventing crime.

Operation Falcon Nabs 35,190.

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Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally (FALCON) just finished its annual sweep across the nation.

Russian's Order Extreme Caution on Flights near and around Africa

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Russian air force commanders have issued warnings and cautions to all flights around the African tectonic plate. Blaming the downing of Flight 447 and the recent Yemeni airways flight on Geomagnetic storms emanating from this plate.

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