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UK - ISP's and Telco's Required to Track Your Digital Life

London Telegraph has an article about how British ISP's and Telco's are required by law to keep a record of every customers personal communications showing who they contact, when and where, what websites they visit.  This information will be made available to 653 public bodoes including police, local councils, Financial Services Authority, the Ambulance Service, Fire Department, even prison wardens.

The best part of the artricle is the ironic statement

Ministers had originally wanted to store the information on a single government-run database, but chose not to because of privacy concerns.

Think it can't happen in the states?  Check out the latest go around with when the Justice Departement demanded all records of visitors for June 25 then demanded that the site keep mum about the request.   The UK is just a little further along then the US.

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