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Tax Day Tea Parties

Thousands of American's across the country are preparing to participate in next week's Tax Day Tea Parties.  So far there are about 450 schedule, and more than likely there is one near you.  If your tired of the government representing special interests rather than the interests of their constituents, or tired of the corporate bailouts and fed secrets, plan on attending next week.

For God’s Sake Lucas Let it Die Already

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AICN comments that a fifth Indy flick is on the way.  Why wont Lucas stop crapping on my childhood…. Why?

RPG Files

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After 30 years of playing role playing games still have a good deal of appeal to me.  Here are a collection of files which I hope you find useful.

GM Hold Music Volume 1
This started as a off hand comment, and grew to be surprisingly popular.  Since is no more, I have decided to rehost this here.

4e Init Cards

What is Socialism

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The impetus for this article came from a number of comments about the book The Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.  A number of readers felt that G Edward Griffin lost focus and revealed his bias when he showed that many of the people behind the Fed and the World Bank were Fabian Socialist. Why would the bankers of the world, driven by profit have any socialist leanings?

End Times are Near?

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Wired has a write up about Norway opening a new Seed Vault to act as hedge against future catastrophe's.  (Article here)

These Noah's Ark's of Seeds apparently are quite popular.

Java Damaging to Future Programmers

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Dr Robert Dewar and Dr. Edmond Schonberg write in a Crosstalk Article that many students who learn Java as their first language are ill equipped to later courses in a CS curriculum, and less attractive to future employers.  To paraphrase the article learning java as the first language conceals the underpinnings of whats going on in a given program.

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Welcome to Geek Heretic

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Welcome to Geek Heretic.

I am 38 years old, and I am a Geek.  Not the circus performing freaks who insert things into their noses and swallow more bugs then your average Fear Factor contestant.  I mean Geek in the term of Programmer, Gadget Fan, Science Fiction, Comic Book, Computer Gaming and RPG fan.  To illustrate my point, our family vacation for the last 3 years has been a trip to Gen Con Indy.  This year’s plans include a trip to Otakucon.

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