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There seems to be two kinds of movies about fandom. Those that look, usually with a mocking tone, from the outside and those that are made by fans for fans. Fanboys is a movie which falls squarely in the latter category.

I am Four years old, have no job and already am $160,000 in debt.

I was among 2000 folks who gathered along the shores of the Hudson river yesterday for the 2008 Tea Party. Apparently 2000 was a fairly small one, some of the shots of Michigan and Tennessee look like we could have snuck in en masse in the back and not be noticed.

Tax Day Tea Parties

Thousands of American's across the country are preparing to participate in next week's Tax Day Tea Parties.  So far there are about 450 schedule, and more than likely there is one near you.  If your tired of the government representing special interests rather than the interests of their constituents, or tired of the corporate bailouts and fed secrets, plan on attending next week.


Don Cheadle to play War Machine/Rhodes in Iron Man 2

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Hollywood reporter states that Terrance Howard will not be part of Iron Man 2 instead they will tap Don Cheadle to take this role.

There is the usual Hollywood double speak for reasons why and the full story will probably have to wait for the A&E special. I really can't see Don Cheadle playing this role.


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If you were to ask a group of comic book nerds what the greatest comic of all time were, chances are the vast majority of them would say Watchmen.  Without a doubt, this is the comic that would be at the top of my list, and the one that convinced me to start reading comics again.

I have purchased and loaned out more copies of this book then I care to remember, and I will probably keep picking one up every few years just to reread it and loan it out again.  It’s that good, and I believe stands as a great novel not just a great graphic novel.

I worry about the movie quite a bit, the traile


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I'm not a big book review person, honestly because I believe books (and movies) are such a subjective choice, that a reviewers opinion is rarely pertinent.  At best you can try to find a reviewer who has reviewed several works you have read already and try to mesh up his opinions with yours.

That being said, What I want to write about is the tragedy of the book Reliquary by Preston and Child.  This book is 11 years old, but it stands out as being one of the best reads I have had in a while.

Iron Man Better then I Dared Hope

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Iron Man and the Avengers were my two favorite comics back in the day. Iron Man because he was the plausible (to my youthful eye) superhero in the Marvel Universe. Here was someone bending technology to his well, and using it in a heroic manner. Avengers because they had Iron Man and were a truly dysfunctional family.

It was with cautious optimism I went to the Iron Man preview last night. True the trailers were great, and the effects looked awesome, but Marvel had betrayed its fans before.

I shouldn't have worried.

Better than Ironman

This is the movie I want to see. Get ready to kick some ash... 

Gygax Passes

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What do you say when the man who introduced you to all of your closest friends and provided some of your fondest memories for the last 27 years passes away?  Well I have been wrestling with that for days now and I am still coming up dry.

So since words escape me I will just say, thank you Mr Gygax.

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