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Politics and Philosphy


Obama - Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

Bloomberg and others are reporting that the Prez has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Politics and personal opinion aside, what has President Obama done to deserve this honor? To quote the committee.

Bad Charts and Global Warming

A number of publications and websites are reporting on the latest ice thickness satellite measurements from NASA.


Clifton Park Healthcare Town Hall

Congressman Murphy did his local town hall stop last Monday, to speak about health care reform and the economy. His economy talk was cautiously optimistic. He literally stated that things are getting worse at a reduced rate.

9/11 2009

MVC-001FOn September 11, 2009 I was on the 50th Floor of WTC 2. The previous January I had moved to this office from 94 WTC 1. If I hadn't moved, I would have died that morning, most of the morning Coffee klatch I chatted with, did. Those of us who walked out of the building this morning are largely forgotten these days. We go about our daily lives, only occasionally remembering with a quick intake of breath.


AirForceTimes has an interesting article about how Uncle Hugo is po'd that we are leasing 7 military bases in Columbia. It ignores the question why are we increasing our military presence in Columbia but since its a military publication I assume that falls under "Ours is not to reason why...."

Its a good thing that we have a president who is looking to stop US military expansion and intrusion around the world.

Healthcare Townhalls Riffs

Does th

Sotomayor - Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Sotomayor has been confirmed which is not a surprise to anyone.

German Net Censorship To Be Expanded Beyond Child Porn

A mere 2 hours passed before the authorities in Germany were looking to expand the powers of the child porn targeting net censorship act to killer games such as Counterstrike and other FPS. Now Slashdot is reporting that the Minister for Family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen is looking to expand the blocking software to block hate speech and net bullying.

Birthers Don't Get It - Is This The Man Who Should be Running the Country?

I don't care about Obama's birth certificate. He may have been born on Mars for all I care. This constant bickering about whether or not he is a citizen distracts us from the knives that Congress is shoving in our back.

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