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Steps to Bring Government Back to Reality

One of my biggest issues with our current "representatives" in Congress is they are not very good employees. As I see it a representative's job description should be:

England: Police Break Up 30th Birthday Party

Andrew Poole advertised to his friends (all 15 of them) an all night 30th birthday party on Facebook. Police stormed the party at the ungodly hour of 4pm (before the music was turned on) in a raid on what they believed would be an all night rave.

Four cars, a riot van and helicopter swooped in and broke up what amounted to a birthday barbecue. The 15 attendees had just started eating when police in camo riot gear showed up to break up the party.

When questioned the police reported:

The Second Bill of Rights

Penn Gillette, Libertarian showman, mentioned that FDR had proclaimed a second bill of rights. I had not heard of this, but since FDR was the prequel to Obama I thought it was worth a look see.

Recomended Reading: Mark Steyn - The State Despotic

H/T to the outstanding folks over at Questions and Observations for finding this little gem. Mark Steyn has a great article in New Criterion covering both the philosophical beginnings of the US and the slow soft despotism which is growing like Kudzu. I highly recommend it to my readership.

Police Seize American Flag

The Washington post is running an article about Vito Congine Jr's upside down flag protest in Wisconsin. Cognine has been fighting the village of Crivitz to try to obtain a liquor license for a restaurant he is remodeling.
He has been flying the flag upside down (signaling distress) since mid June. Just before the Fourth of July parade police entered his property and seized the flag. The day after the parade the flag was returned to him.

Thoughts on Independence Day

New T-Shirt and Bumper Sticker Design Obamanure

For those of us who are tired of the same old.....

Twain on Patriots - New T Shirt

New T-Shirt Design up. Sometimes you see a quote you must wear.

Come to New Hampshire We Still Have Merry Go Rounds - Porc Fest 2009

Just returned from the Free State Project's Porcupine Liberty Festival 2009. This was a 4 day event where liberty minded families and friends gather in the White Mountain Region of New Hampshire. All I can say is it was amazingly fun. Unlike the Liberty Forum, Porc Fest is much more relaxed and socially oriented.

Twitter vs CNN - Fail

The weekend immediately following the Iranian election saw a very interesting change in the way people consume news. The people of Iran took to the streets and started posting videos and tweets about the nation wide protest. It wasn't long before the election became a top topic on Twitscoop and other twitter trending sites.

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