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Tea Party Audio

Sorry for the delay in posting this. One of the odd things I am finding about being out of work is its really difficult to focus on 1 project and there is no shortages of projects.

Here is the tea party audio courtesy of WGY.

I am Four years old, have no job and already am $160,000 in debt.

I was among 2000 folks who gathered along the shores of the Hudson river yesterday for the 2008 Tea Party. Apparently 2000 was a fairly small one, some of the shots of Michigan and Tennessee look like we could have snuck in en masse in the back and not be noticed.

Tax Day Tea Parties

Thousands of American's across the country are preparing to participate in next week's Tax Day Tea Parties.  So far there are about 450 schedule, and more than likely there is one near you.  If your tired of the government representing special interests rather than the interests of their constituents, or tired of the corporate bailouts and fed secrets, plan on attending next week.

WWII The Cartoon Guide

Wealth Redistribution and You.

My son is at that wonderful age where taxes have entered his life. He and his young family have to file their first joint 1040. I offered to give them a hand and was shocked at the results.

FEMA Fun Camps Hit the Mainstream

Glen Beck mentioned that he would investigate all these rum

We're Number 1! We're Number 1!

New York has taken the gold ring for least freedom in all 50 states by a wide margin according to a poll published by George Mason university.

Bloomberg: U.S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailout Programs

(article here)

The hush hush part of the bailouts, what receives very little in the way of news coverage, is the fact that the government is stepping in and backing loans with little in the way of review or public discourse. As Bloomberg points out the grand total pledged thus far is 9.7 Trillion.

The Subtle Things That Irk Me

I am a libertarian, I feel that both of the current political parties are so far off base at this point that the only way to really fix things is to eliminate the political Elite and start fresh.

That being said, it still bothers me to see a difference about how the media treats republicans vs democrats. Take this article for example.

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