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Politics and Philosphy

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Band Aid Economics

If you are not a subscriber, I encourage you to go out and purchase this weeks business weeks. Go ahead I will wait....

This historic issue chronicles the last gasps of the capitalist aspects of our society in the article "Forget Adam Smith... Whatever works". After watching with envious eyes the bailout of the financial markets, the big three automakers are coming to DC looking for a handout.

Why not? Bailing out Ford, GM and Chrysler would have a more direct impact to voters in the fly-over battle ground states then bailing out the banks will.

What to Do With Old Spy Satellites

Amidst the turmoil and trouble last week, President Bush signed an appropriations bill which would allow military satellites to be turned on the US and the imagery shared with various state and federal agencies.

Currently this is being positioned as a tool to assist in disaster response and preparedness, but DHS and other federal agencies will have access to the data.

Mad Men are Watching You

The Washington Post ran an interesting article today about major players in the online industry tracking your web usage.

"What they should be saying is, 'We are going to be collecting every move of your mouse on every Web site on a second-by-second basis.' But that would scare too many people away," said Jeff Chester, of the Center for Digital Democracy.

In Quotes.... a Great New Toy from Google

Google labs has a great toy for us bloggers during this election season. Called In Quotes it combs news sources and presents you with direct quotes for the candidates of your choice.

It shows a lot of promise. Want to find some pithy quotes from Senator McCain or Obama on oil? Its there.

Jim Brunner - Welcome to Socialism

Senator Jim Brunner (R-Kentucky) had the following to say today.

U.S. Senator Jim Bunning today issued the following statement regarding the Treasury Department’s bailout of Wall Street.

"Instead of celebrating the Fourth of July next year Americans will be celebrating Bastille Day; the free market for all intents and purposes is dead in America," said Bunning.

Time saving tips from an old Geek.

Do you listen to talk radio?  Don't you realize that's hours a day you could be doing something using to do something more useful like tending to your vegetable garden which may be the only thing feeding you in a few months.

Here is a quick rundown of what you would be missing

Right wing talk radio host talking points:

  1. Economic collapse is caused by democrats only.
  2. Obama wants to have each of you picked up by your heels and shaken vigorously so the poor can  easily collect your money.
  3. Democrats, the media, and everyone is unfair to Sarah Palin

The Financial Bailout.... a grab for power

Mish's Global Economics has the full text of the bailout bill. It is without a doubt a grab for more power by the executive branch.

It also is the demise of our free market economy. Make sure you leave milk and cookies out for the Commissar this evening. They appreciate cooperation and a positive attitude.

700 Billion Dollars

President Bush has now asked congress to authorize the treasury department to acquire 700 billion dollars in mortgage related assets. I wonder if he raised his pinkie to his lips in proper Dr Evil style?

$700 billion dollars in bad mortgage paper, and structured in such a way that we won't even be able to foreclose on the properties.

Suggested Reading for John McCain

eco.jpgJohn McCain stated publicly amidst the financial chaos, high numbers in unemployment, high foreclosure rates and the potential collapse of AIG.... "The Fundamentals of our Economy Remain Strong"

Seriously John, thats what you go with?

The politics of Spore...


Spore is probably the most anticipated video game of all time. Will Wright, creator of the Sims has been dropping tantalizing hints at the last few E3s and the public as a whole has been drooling over those hints all along. Truly no game idea prior to this has had such a grand vision as its premise.

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