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Politics and Philosphy

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How to stimulate the Economy

If you have a child which cannot save and invest money giving them an extra $20 isn't going to make them start saving. They will spend it, and in a few months the money will be forgotten. Likewise the current stimulus package which includes up to 1500 per person in tax rebates, will be pissed away as a small blip on the retails sales radar and will have little overall economic impact. Now don't get me wrong, some of the proposed bits of the stimulus bill make sense.

Your Cellphone the Snitch

Suppose you are being arrested, did you realize that if you are being taken into custody the police have the right to search you and the immediate area around you? This is called Search Incident to Arrest. The original purpose of this was to protect the safety of the officer in question, and to prevent the suspect from destroying evidence. There is no probable cause requirement for this search, and it has been challenged and upheld repeatedly.

Where to put your assets?

When you save, where do you put your money? Do you invest? The stock market is an emotional rollercoaster. A perfectly viable company will lose value because a competitor tanked on its fourth quarter earnings and if that makes sense to you I have a great system for winning roulette. Ideally a well run company should gain value over time, but more often than not, the CEO and COO is more interested in his exit package then he is in building a company. Most mutual funds and IRA's are deeply embedded in the stock market. And a bad market crash will hurt them as well.

Products for an Election Year

Why settle for a lawn sign to express your political opinions, when in fact you could have the Hillary Clinton Toilet Brush. Maybe your a smoker, carry around a lighter for your candidate.

Feel really strongly about an issue?

Is That the Sound of Jackboots in the Distance?

Ruby ridge, the 1996 Atlanta games, Oklahoma City, the Montana Freeman. These are the headlines of the 1990s which brought Homegrown Domestic Terrorism (or "Bubbas" as the FBI likes to call them) into the public eye. Timothy McVeigh was the face of a white militia, young, arrogant and dangerous, his slightly crazed stare was surely a sign of mental illness.

Liberty Dollars, Terry Pratchett and You

Synchronicity is an odd thing. Sometimes you are hit with an idea or concept so many times over the course of a month or so, you start to wonder whether the universe is trying to tell you something.

Fran Porretto the resident Curmudgeon over at Eternity Road had a side comment about the price of gas recently. When he first started driving gas cost about 30 cents.

How do you say Atlas Shrugged in French ?

It is a dark secret of the Heretic that he enjoys mangling wood on the weekend. Like many folk who returned to wood working a decade or two after wood shop, the bug has bitten and after a year or so, I can occasionally produce something worthy to be seen in public. Why do I bring this up now? To explain how I came across this article.

Capitalism Selling your Countries Security Bit by Bit

One of the flaws in a capitalist system is the balancing act a government needs to walk to maintain security but not stifle business. You want to maintain security, but how do you keep from interfering with a companies and their right to buy and sell property. Case in point the Dubai ports deal a situation where the White House argued strongly for the deal, but thankfully congress intervened.

GI JOE – Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity

I kid you not. GI Joe the real American hero has succumbed to the forces of Globalization in the new movie based on the cartoon and toyline – Fox news and many others report. Well I for one say Paramount can eat my shorts. GI Joe is as American as apple pie.

Shadows of the NWO

I am a World Trade Center Survivor. I was one of the thousands to run from the building that fateful Tuesday morning and I spent the following months going to funerals for co workers. This had a profound effect on my politics. Prior to 2001 I was a Heinlein libertarian (also known as a neo libertarian these days) and on 9/12 I was ready to sign over as much power as possible to the government to ensure that this sort of thing never happened again. Over time, a more rational mindset re asserted itself and I am becoming increasingly horrified at where our civil liberties have eroded to.

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